Cooper & Hunter Air conditioning.


With over 20 years of experience in air conditioning and ventilation, Cooper & Hunter has become a leading player in the refrigeration market. The products under the brand name Cooper & Hunter are exported to more than 30 countries around the world. Since its entry in the overseas markets, Cooper & Hunter has grown into a well-known brand with rapid growth in Europe, America, and many other countries. In 2017, the company has final agreements for a long-term strategic partnership with Zhuhai Vino Environmental Technology Equipment Co. LTD purchased closed and company shares, it will not accelerate a new growth phase on the global market for the company as expected. the Zhuhai plant was renamed Zhuhai Vino - Cooper & Hunter Environmental Technology Equipment Co. Ltd. LTD.

Our quality and reliable products can be certified by most major international certification standards in the United States, Canada and the European Union. We are committed to technological innovation and consumer-driven product development. Our R & D team continues to generate new products that meet the highest quality standards, thus ensuring reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in the air-conditioned environment. While we implement the innovations, we take into account the needs of current customers and future engineering trends. We have combined the latest elegant designs with comfort and high-quality modern technology. We are focused on continuous improvement and providing the best possible service. We are committed to producing quality products that improve the lives of our customers.

Cooper & Hunter makes hot places cool and cool places more pleasant by bringing comfort innovations into every home and business!

WHY: Cooper and Hunter

Years of experience in the field of cooling systems

No hidden costs such as front row costs
Good and reliable advice with our helpdesk +31615092422
Good warranty provisions
Choice of many types and types of cooling systems
Good price / quality ratio
All systems just in stock
For shops and businesses we can be ready on Saturday or Sunday
(without extra costs) so that your customers or employees are not hindered by our work