About Us

As a young and dynamic company, Cooper and Hunter Benelux '' supplies, assembles, commissions, maintains and relocates split air conditioning systems of the global brand Cooper and Hunter. We are official dealer and importer of this brand and have completed the training at Cooper and Hunter. the Cooper and Hunter brand may say little to you. But it is one of the largest brands in the world and is in more than 21 countries. including America, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, etc. etc. With us these systems are more than enough in stock. We can supply all air conditioners directly in stock, as we already have split air conditioning systems inverter from € 699, - including standard installation and energy class A ++.

With these advanced units can be cooled, dehumidified, heated and ventilated with an extremely low energy consumption (inverter) and with a very high efficiency. Thanks to this versatility, Cooper and Hunter is able to offer a ready-made solution for every space and every application for guaranteed best prices. Do you want to become a dealer of our brand and buy at very intressing prices? Then contact us. info@cooperandhunteraircos.com


At Cooper and Hunter you always have a technically high end product, within the given budget and you never come to any surprises with us, such as for example costs or costs for setting up a ladder. With us the price is really the price. Of course you can also contact us for your current system for your annual maintenance. For shops and companies we can also place your system on Sundays, so your customers or employees will not bother us.

For complex questions you can always contact us without obligation. Via the telephone +3138-3373737
or info@cooperandhunteraircos.coml