Energy consumption air conditioning

Energy consumption air conditioning

Energy consumption air conditioning
Air-conditioning is still seen as true power-lure. Although air conditioning can indeed consume quite a bit of electricity, this is one of the misunderstandings about modern air conditioning systems. Split units now, especially those of the renowned brands of air conditioners, are very efficient with electricity. The heat pump also benefits from cheaper heating in the early and late season. Larger consumers are the mobile air conditioners, although the latest models are also much more energy-efficient than those of a few years ago.

If you take a few tricks, an air-conditioning does not have to cost you a hand full of money. A number of tips to keep the energy consumption of your air conditioning in check.

Pay attention to energy consumption when purchasing your air conditioning
Does the air conditioning of your choice have an energy label A? Does he have inverter technology? And, certainly not unimportant: what is the power consumption of the air conditioning when it is switched off (the so-called stand-by function).

Provide as little sun as possible
Screen the area to be cooled off in front of the sun, by closing curtains or lowering the sun protection.

Limiting energy consumption of air conditioning? Open the window! Click and drag to move
Limiting energy consumption of air conditioning? Open the window in advance! (Of course close again when the air conditioning is on.)

Use cool outdoor air
When it can cool you the room with fresh outside air. For example at night or early in the morning.

Turn the air conditioning on in time
If you only turn the air conditioning on when it gets too hot in the room, you are actually too late. The air conditioning does not have to work as hard and you save energy if you already have it on before the heat has penetrated the house or office.

Note the standby consumption
All devices that are 'off', but can be switched on via a remote control, have a certain consumption. So also air conditioning. So to answer a frequently asked question: yes, air conditioning costs electricity when it is switched off. This is necessary to read the infrared sensor, but with some air conditioners also to keep the coolant in good condition. There is a lot of variation in standby consumption, so you should pay attention to this when purchasing. Yet you can also do something about the consumption in stand-by yourself. For example, by pulling the plug out of the appliance during the period that you do not use the air conditioning (in the spring and autumn, for example, or in the winter, if you do not use your air conditioning for heating). Even if you are away from home for a longer period, it pays to remove the plug from the device. Check in the manual beforehand whether your air conditioning can also be operated without power for a long period of time.

Be aware of other equipment
Almost all equipment emits heat. Notorious are computers, printers and copiers. Do you not need a device immediately? Then turn it off. This immediately saves energy costs, but also indirectly because the air conditioning has to work less hard. Install energy-saving lamps, such as LED lighting, wherever possible. These provide less heat and consume less energy. For example, the saving counts twice.

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You do not want to pay the energy bill of this company ...

Make sure your air conditioning remains clean and well maintained
A clean and good working device handles energy most efficiently. So clean the filters regularly and have a certified technician maintain your air conditioning once in a while. For example, when you also have your boiler checked. Especially with intensive use, regular maintenance is important. With air-conditioners that are being used privately, it is not really necessary to have a mechanic every year (that costs you more than saving energy).

The energy consumption of the device, the volume of the room and the frequency of use are of course relevant to the electricity consumption of the air conditioning system.

Energy consumption fixed air conditioning and mobile air conditioning
In general, a mobile air conditioning system uses much more power than a fixed airco. With 500 hours of use of a split-unit air conditioning, you have to count on around 100 euros in power consumption. For the same number of hours of electricity usage of a mobile air conditioning unit, you will then lose around 400 euros.


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