Features of air conditioning

Features of air conditioning

The most popular function of an air conditioning is cooling. But air conditioning has more functions: purifying, heating, dehumidifying and ventilating. On this page we briefly discuss the various functions.

The main function of every air conditioning system: cooling. Almost every air conditioner works with coolant that is pumped through the air conditioning system. The heat of the room is drained with this cold coolant. This is the principle of the heat pump, which is explained extensively elsewhere on this site.

Through the air seven kinds of (dust) particles, of which people can be allergic. Consider, for example, pollen in hay fever patients. But the air can also be polluted with bad odors or smoke. Most air conditioning systems have an air purification function (whether or not in combination with special filters). By switching on the purification function, the device cleans the air.

To heat
In the cold winter months the air conditioner comes in very different ways. He then functions as a heater! If your air conditioning is equipped with a heat pump at least, that applies to most. An air conditioning as a stove is an energy-efficient device that converts the available energy into heat efficiently.

Making the air dryer is an important function of an air conditioner. In the Netherlands we often have a high humidity, which also causes it to feel warmer (feeling temperature) than it actually is. Making the air a few percent drier often helps to make you feel more comfortable. Moreover, dry air is better for expensive equipment such as computers and hard disks.

Finally, the air conditioning can also serve as a simple fan. Indoor air is led outside and fresh outside air is pumped in. Handy, if for some reason it is not possible to open a window.

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