Why air conditioning?

Why air conditioning?

Air conditioning was until recently a luxury for the car, in expensive offices or in the supermarket to protect the perishable goods. Meanwhile, more and more small companies and individuals are also discovering the comfort of air conditioning. What is air conditioning actually? The name says it all: it is a device that conditions air (air). A technical tool, that changes certain characteristics of the air around us.

De werking van een airco

The operation of an air-conditioningClick and drag to move
Cool air inside and warm air outside

Most people immediately think of cooling and that is also what air conditioning is usually used for. But air conditioning can do much more than that. Heating, for starters. Even in the colder months you can have a lot of air conditioning. Many modern devices have a high COP value. This means that they can generate several kW of heat with one kW of energy. On such an energy-efficient device (A-label) you will also regularly receive an energy subsidy. (You can read more about this elsewhere on this website). Having an air conditioning system run for heating is quickly much cheaper than heating the space on gas.

In addition to cooling and heating, you can purify, ventilate and dehumidify the air with an air conditioner (with heat pump). The first is useful for people with certain allergies. The latter is intended for damp rooms. Even in our oppressively warm maritime climate you can do a lot to dehumidify a room. That often feels much more comfortable. Go on: 30 degrees in Spain is much more pleasant than 30 degrees in our little country.

A good air conditioning system therefore offers much more than just cooling, although the latter often is the reason for purchase. The point is that you make the room in which you work or live more comfortable, more livable. With air conditioning you realize the climate where you feel most comfortable. Air conditioning supplies healthy, fresh and clean air and dust particles and fungi in the air. When you work or stay in a conditioned room, you feel more active and pleasant, stimulating creativity and productivity. Whether you are working or are busy with leisure, a good air conditioning system helps you to get more out of the house.

Advantages of air conditioning with heat pump
Air conditioners according to the heat pump principle (the majority of all current air conditioners) offer besides a pleasant, cool working and living environment a number of other advantages:

Cheap energy (return of more than 300%)
The heating season can be shortened (an air conditioning in the living room can support the boiler or even replace it)
Clean energy (no fossil fuel is used)
Immediately warm (an air conditioner with a heat pump immediately gives off heat when switched on)
Clean air (the circulating air is continuously purified through the air filters)
There are different air conditioning systems from simple to advanced and from very affordable to terribly expensive. What is the best system for you,



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