how do i order

We are active throughout the Netherlands and deliver within 24 hours and assemble within 48 hours after each order within 30 minutes you will be contacted to go through your business and you will not be surprised or something is missing.
to order:
for what kind of space do you need an air conditioning and what kind of cooling capacity do you need.
which model fits your room here (ceiling model often for system ceilings) (wall model often for your flat walls such as bedroom, living room, office, shop etc.)
look at our products which type and model you would like.
let yourself install your air conditioning yourself or do you want it to be done by Cooper and Hunter. often you come up with a standard assembly. http://cooperandhunteraircos.coml/montage and for customization or any other situation you are also at the right address at Cooper and Hunter. please contact us.
did you find your system? then indicate to the right whether this 1: pick up yourself in Kampen. 2: send normally. 3: send urgently (same day). 4: standard assembly. 5: custom assembly.
did you find everything? then press order.
After completing your data you can choose different payment options or pay after installation (only possible with installation by (Cooper and Hunter)
Do you want guidance or do you have questions about your situation? we are at your service immediately for installation assistance during installation.
tel: +31629077083