Mounting Standard

Mounting Standard

Do you want to have your system installed by Cooper and Hunter? then click on the right of your selected air conditioning (incl. standard installation). if the installation does not meet the conditions set out below, click on the right of your selected air conditioning (custom installation).

           With a standard installation you have to take into account the following points:

Cooling line: Do you have enough of the standard 3 meter cooling line? (length from the inside to the outdoor unit) if you need more than one meter, these will be made to measure for a small surcharge.
Wall bracket: Can the outdoor unit stand on a flat roof or ground, or should it be mounted on a wall bracket on the façade (?) Standing is included, the unit is then placed on light rubber carriers. A wall bracket for wall mounting or weighted beams for a flat roof is available at a surcharge of 49, -
Finishing: For finishing your system there are finishing troughs, at a small extra price we work your air conditioning pipe neatly.
Electricity: The outdoor unit of the air conditioning unit is fitted with a + - 1.5 meter power cable on the right side, within this range there must be an earthed socket / junction box or an extension cable for testing the unit. if you want to let current to a power point in the neighborhood or let in house then we charge 35, - (incl power cable with plug / wago connection)
At 7.0 kW split units or higher, it is possible that an adjustment in your meter box must take place, because they are fed with a 20A Slow fuse or by means of power.
Transit: The transit to the outside is of course included, we can drill through any material (stone / wood / iron / PVC etc.), only for concrete / reinforced concrete the customer needs to take care of this himself, this has to be water-cooled drilled . If an air conditioner is installed and the pipe has to go through the roof! then you need a roof duct that can be mounted at an additional cost. this money for roofs laid with bitumen, epdm and or roofing felt.
Condensation drainage: each split unit extracts moisture from the room to be cooled, it stores it in a condensation tray in the indoor unit, if the container is full then it runs downwards with a condensation hose, which must be discharged outside.
If this is not an option for you and the condensation drain must be discharged upwards, you will need a condensate pump to pump it up (roof / drain).
Height: for certain systems (from 5.0 kW) and or in combination with extreme heights it is not possible to bring the outdoor units upwards (this money for all units) with our standard ladder (+ - 6 meters). we will discuss the options with you, which you can indicate with your order. DO YOU HAVE A ROOF CAPE THIS THEN.
Additional accessories: Of course all extra accessories are also available at HW-Koeltechniek, here you can think of winter covers, protective cages, PVC canopies, PVC & Rubber weighted stabling / raising bars, cleaning articles for condenser or evaporator etc etc .... This you can indicate with your order.
Options: In a large part of our systems from our range certain options are applicable such as wifi, if this is not standard with the air conditioning system is included then we install the module at installation at extra cost, setting the wifi and downloading the app you have to take care of yourself, as this can take some time.
If your situation is different as described above or if you need more materials than standard supplied, let us know.
This avoids surprises afterwards and you know exactly how much the total price is for the complete installation.

The above installation materials only apply to air conditioners that you have purchased from Cooper and Hunter.

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