Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is environmental conservation
Because air conditioners contain environmentally harmful refrigerants, the government imposes specific requirements on the installation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), through Bureau Veritas (F-gases certification), checks all refrigeration plants. They advise you to maintain your cooling system / air conditioner at least once a year.

The cooling system or air conditioner is checked for operation and leakage.
Also clean and inspect the entire installation.

In short, a well-maintained climate system ensures:

-> a fresh indoor climate -> less disruption -> longer lifetime -> lower energy costs -> comply with all legal requirements (F-gas regulation)

Maintenance costs for a "installation installed by HW-Koeltechniek" amounts to:

Wall model € 75, - per system up to 3,5Kw
Case model € 90 per system up to 3.5 kW
Ceiling model € 90 per system up to 3.5 kW
Cooling installation € 140 per small system 3,5 kW
all systems v.a. 3,5 kW to 7,0 kW € 125 per system
v.a. 7,0Kw is on request.
* Incl VAT, and incl materials used. (eg topping up refrigerant, refreshing insulation, etc.)

- Call-out costs are € 0, - within a radius of 100 km.
- Call-out costs are € 20.00 from 100 km to a radius of 250 km.
- Added € 0.30 per kilometer driven outside this radius.
- All prices are excluding materials and major repairs.
- Prices are for 1x maintenance per year

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