Fill the airco with filling

Fill the airco with filling

If your air conditioning system does not cool the room properly, it is very likely that your air conditioning system needs to be refilled.
This is also called filling, refilling, filling or extruding.
After refilling the air conditioning, your system will in most cases pleasantly cool and work as usual.
We fill among other air conditioning systems of the following brands:
LG Electronics








And many others


Even if your brand is not in the list above, we can probably fill your air conditioning.


We look at the following points when topping up or refilling your system:

Pressure test and rated contents

Leak test and Leakage points (if possible, these will be repaired)


Pay attention !! We can not give a guarantee on filling or refilling your system, because the system can have multiple defects.

Of course a complete system check is possible !! the costs of filling & vacuuming incl. the leak test is 150, - per system up to 950 gr refrigerant and throughout the netherlands with the exception of the islands. we do not charge call-out costs or other hidden costs.

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